If you need to know more information on how it is to be a staff at AEPS, find out here. We have listed some frequently asked questions to help you out.

Staff F.A.Q

We are looking for Staff who can show good experience in their field. For example, a CV that shows solid experience on Superyachts, or 5-star international hotels or private service.Staff need to be able to show good references from their past employers. Your references will be checked.

Staff need to demonstrate that they have a clean record, so you will need to obtain a Police Check. (link)

Staff that work with children (in Australia) need a Blue Card (link). It will be necessary to research the specific requirements for other countries.

Staff need to be legal to work in Australia. This means that you have a Tax File Number or ABN and the appropriate visa to obtain these. New Zealanders can legally work in Australia.

For roles offered in others countries, the local employment and work permission rules will apply also.

Permanent placements are directly employed. However Contractors with an ABN are preferred by most clients for temp or casual work. This can be obtained by consulting the ATO website or using an ABN registration company to complete applications on your behalf . As a freelance person it is far easier for you to casually work for multiple employers if you are able to invoice the clients.

This applies in Australia only. There are deffering rules in other countries and it will be made clear to you what is rquired in terms of visas and work permits when permits when job is advertised.

Please refer to the rates of pay indicated opposite. You invoice the employer directly at the end of each week or at the conclusion of the job (whichever is sooner).

If you need a template for an invoice please ask us.

Meal breaks are not included in your hours, so you need to take (and show) your meal breaks on your timesheet/invoice.

Your employer is responsible to insure all employees for Workers Compensation insurance, as well as Public Liability. They are also required to ensure a safe workplace.

If you are a Pty Ltd company then you must provide your own WC insurance, but not if you are only an ABN holder.

It is highly advantageous to have your own transport - especially if you finish late at night and public transport is scarce. Additionally if your job requires you to shop or run errands or transport goods, then it will be very necessary unless the employer gives you use of their vehicle.

Yes – we have international clients too: You will need an appropriate visa for the country where you are seeking employment. We strongly recommend that you research the conditions in the country where you are considering gaining employment.

Staff need to understand and respect the necessity for discretion and complete confidentiality with our clients. All staff must sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to commencing work.

Staff need to be very well-presented. Hospitality staff will generally need to have the standard ‘black and white’ uniform, or Chef gear, or indeed wear any uniform that the employer requires. Females with long hair or anyone involved in food preparation needs to tie back their hair and males need to maintain neat well-groomed hair. All clothes must be clean and ironed.

All staff must be non-smokers! It is not acceptable to smoke in the workplace or have the smell of smoke on your person.

Tattoos and/or piercings are not acceptable either, so if you have visible tattoos you must have a means of covering them either by clothing or makeup. This link to a skin-coloured spray may give you some ideas.