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It’s not only the mega-wealthy who employ domestic staff!

Say the word “Butler” and you get images of a stiff gentlemen standing tall in a waistcoat in a castle in England!  The news is that these days it’s not so rare to find that Australian households are employing fulltime or part-time private staff.  The job titles have changed too!  These days the butler role has expanded!  Executive households are seeing the benefit of employing a savvy professional to run their home and the new “House Manager” role is all about being a Personal Assistant in the true sense of the word! 
The role would usually include supervising cleaners and contractors to perform to the required standard and overseeing the quality of their work – so that the principals do not need to!  Additionally they could arrange anything from the weekly shopping to the family holidays, from buying gifts to getting quotes, whilst managing a budget and keeping a close eye on expenses!  
House Managers are required to be a jack of all trades when necessary: so if the home needs renovations and you don’t have time (or inclination) to ensure that everything is done to your liking, the House Manager can step in as your representative to give directions and keep an eye on progress etc. on your behalf.
So these days if you’re time poor and have a lot on your plate both in your professional life and at home, you can get professional assistance to help you get it all under control.  It’s a House Manager or Butler’s job to manage your affairs.

Some families start with a Housekeeper a few days a week.  Often times this soon becomes fulltime.  It really depends on your budget, but the truth is that there are quite a number of families in Australia who have one or more private staff:  chef/cook, nanny, nurse-helper, housekeepers, gardener/groundsman, personal PAs, Travelling Assistants, House Managers or Butlers. 
As our services are very confidential and discreet we are not able to publish a list of the clientele we serve. However, we are regularly approached for staff who can perform at the elite level required and since we are also Superyacht Crew recruiters we have access to the kind of staff for these roles who are mature and used to dealing with exclusive clientele on yachts. It’s a minor adjustment to bring their skills and understanding to a land-based role. 
In recent years, the perception that surrounds hiring private staff have been changing and people are realising that you don’t need to be a billionaire to utilise the services of trained and experienced people to assist you at home.  More and more people are getting the point:  that it will make for a better quality of life to find a multi-skilled person to take on the burden of responsibility so that you can get on with other things!
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