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FIVE essential points to help you succeed with your application

Do yourself a favour – read this and increase your chances for success with your job applications!
1.  READ the entire job post and take note of all the points!
Do you fit the selection criteria? Yes? = Apply,  No? = Then don’t waste your time! (or anyone else’s….)  Not sure? - email or call the agent to ask questions.
2.  When you write a cover letter, you need to address all the points to spell it out to the reader exactly how you fit the specifications!  Sometimes information is hard to extract from a CV due to the way it's set out or the relevant experience is not mentioned or sufficiently described.  Make it easy for the reader to see and tailor your CV to suit each job you apply for.
3.  Although it is mandatory for land-based roles, it is a great idea to include a photo as it can say so much to the reader!  Make absolutely sure that your CV photo is appealing! SMILE!! It's the first impression that you create and makes the world of difference!  Take a few minutes, grab a friend, take them outdoors (for the natural light) and snap away!  Plain coloured Polo shirts work well, neat and tidy hair - ladies should ensure that hair is pulled away from their face; and guys should be clean shaven for the photo.
4.  Use positive language on your CV – don’t use apologetic language or any negative words… ie. I am not lazy, … Even though I'm new at this you won’t be disappointed…  ....  Have no doubts… I never raise my voice… etc. etc.
5.  Apart from the obligatory list of Referees, it's wise to attach your written references to your application as these are great support for your job application!
By following these simple and logical steps your chances of being put forward will certainly improve!  Just a few extra minutes of your time will make sure you have the best chance of being chosen from all those other applicants!
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