Elite Private Staff understands the level of service and standards that you require. We can find the right staff for you wherever you are. Learn more.



Are You Looking For Elite Private Staff for your Residence, Corporate Office, Boat or Private Jet?

Crew from the Superyacht Industry understand the level of service and standards that you require! We can find staff for you wherever you are: Australia, NZ, Asia, The Pacific, Europe - worldwide.

We can provide all kinds of staff:

  • Chefs and Cooks
  • Housekeepers and F&B Stewards / Butlers
  • House Managers and Residential Managers
  • Outside Yard workers and Drivers
  • Nannies and Child carers
  • Therapists: Massage / Beauty / Hairdressing
  • And variation on all of these: Nanny/HK, Cook/Steward, Yard Worker/Driver…

Complete discretion and confidentiality assured.



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Australian Elite Private Staff agency are members of the Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA) which was created to provide a forum for Private Service Professionals and certified service vendors interested in better serving and protecting the best interests of their clients. The fundamental purpose of the association is to raise industry standards. All DEMA members choose to operate with integrity, trust, confidentiality and mutual respect as their foundational cornerstones toward service. Furthermore, we are motivated by an attitude of service that is driven by these cornerstones and professional/ personal relationships, lawful behavior, dedication, continuing education, personal development and mentorship with each other.